Oh Hello, July!

Say Hello to the midyear!

Did you feel how fast time went by? I surely did! I started my virtual life with a positive note by tweeting "New day. New Month. New Beginnings. Happy Monday Morning!" Yes, I am claiming that this month will be full of positive changes.

But shortly, I had to rush our dog Maggie, to the veterinarian because she was not her usual self and her cries were full of pain. Later we found out that she had an infection in her uterus which also affected her liver and heart. The vet told us that this was a normal case for female dogs without mates and there  is a high percentage that they would need to remove her uterus. But then again, operation would be very risky because of her age. It turned out the be a ruff day huh?

The news broke my heart but I will not show Maggie how worried I am. I know she's a strong girl and she will get through this. Oh yes you can, baby girl! :)

Yes you can!
Reward yourself with a cupcake :)
{Playon pink pen on paper}

Sending out good vibes and positivity to go after your dreams this month!

Love Always,