Of Things Made and Given | 1


It's been a while since I last posted and I hope you guys are doing well :)

While I was away, here are some of the things I made and gave to my friends, I'm thinking of making a series out of this so I can share some of my works with you. ;)

I played with canvas, paint and inks and made some displays for the home. I need to brush up on my calligraphy skills soon, I vowed for more inky hands this July!

This is my favorite quote as of the moment, it serves as a reminder that you get what you deserve and what you worked hard for.

Framed calligraphy quotes for Jowee and Louise :)

Jowee also wanted a wall art for her room with the words I love You in it, with something similar she saw on Pinterest, I wrote the words I Love You on canvas. But since I cannot decide if I should do black on white or white on black, I decided to do both.

Life changing and hope, are the favorite words of my friends Tin and Patty :)

Keep on creating!

Love Always,

Gelibee :)

P.S. Email me if you want to have your own personalized wall art or calligraphy quotes at hellogelibee[at]gmail[dot]com 

P.P.S. My little blog will undergo beautiful changes soon! :)