DIY: Wooden Spoon and Fork Magnets

I recently received a set of woden spoon and fork from Jenni's mailswap and I was thinking of ways to find another use of it. So instead of devouring a yummy cake with her wooden utensils, I thought of turning them into something I can see and use everyday.

Then I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, stared at our fridge full of magnets and then I thought, wooden spoon and fork magnets!

1.) Wooden spoon and fork 
2.) Washi tapes from HeyKessy you can also use fabric tape
3.) Magnets around 1 inch in size
4.) Glue gun

STEP ONE: Decorate the wooden spoon and fork with Washi or fabric tape, make sure to trim off the excess tapes. You can also apply Modpodge if you want to make it glossy or matte.
STEP TWO: Flip the spoon and fork over and with the use of your glue gun, stick the magnets. Be careful to test which side of the magnet adheres to your white board or refrigerator before sticking it to place.
 STEP THREE: Wait for a few minutes for the hot glue to settle and viola! You know have unique wooden spoon and fork magnets for your refrigerator or whiteboard marker.
Cool way to stick on post its or your grocery list ;)

Bon Appetit!