Bits and Pieces PH

And my crafty hands led me to this! :)

I've always had a short lived online shop, ready to wear and second hand clothes, accessories, bags etc. It was short lived mainly because I didn't see myself using what I was selling. It was more of what's in trend and what would provide profit during that time.

After a lot of thinking, what better way to support the hand made movement by providing fellow crafters with hand picked products that they will appreciate as well. Along side, I can also sell hand made stuff which I can proudly say that was well thought of and hand crafted by yours truly.

I decided to create Bits and Pieces PH, which will be my avenue to offer both hand made and hand picked items. It's my way of sharing something I made or something I saw which will be of interest to others too :)

Please do take time to visit :)

Love Always,