I love you, Maggie

Last July first, we found out that our dog, Maggie had an infection in her uterus. Her condition affected her internal organs such as her heart and liver as well. With high hopes, we took care of Maggie and showed her with love, care and affection as we always do.

Almost two weeks of medication and along the way, she showed signs of progress. However, I can feel that she's in so much pain. On the 11th of July, she was very weak and had a hard time breathing. I was telling her she can rest so she will no longer feel any pain. At the back of my mind, I was so damn scared to lose her. Right after saying a prayer and telling her how much I love her, she passed away due to cardiac arrest while I was holding her. That was the only time I saw Maggie in so much pain and It sucks knowing you can't do anything anymore to save her life.

It makes me sad that she's no longer here to wag her tail whenever we wake up. I will no longer see her smiles and talk to her during wee hours of the night while rubbing her big fat belly. I will miss it when she barks at me if I can't immediately open the gate for mama. She always listens and somehow, she manages to find a way to comfort us by either smiling or making siksik when we're near.I never thought that the pain I would feel will be massive. I guess the pain you feel is equal to the love you give. Or maybe even more. 9 years has been a long time and I am thankful to the universe that they gave us Maggie. She filled our memories with nothing but happiness and even during her battle, she managed to smile or wag her tail whenever we call her. It's somehow an assurance that she will be okay and she is fighting the battle for and with us.

Have fun in doggy heaven, I hope you know how much we loved you. I also hope that doggy heaven guards will allow you to read this post. Right now, Papa will look out for you and love you like we did.

I love you forever Maggie and I will miss you every single day.

Love Always,


P.S. I am blogging this so I can ease out the pain and I also hope that this will help me move on. I also know that I can look back on this post to remind myself that I once had an angel and her name is Maggie :)