Alunsina Signage

Time for another round of Write it Wednesdays! ;)

Last January, I was contacted by Nadja, the proud maker behind Alunsina Handbound Books to create a logo for their signage. I was giddy because I love their products and I even blogged about it here. After knowing the basics of what they need and what they envision the design to be, I started to do my own research and this was my initial design.

The mandala in the middle was based on their original logo and I added the Alunsina hand bound books around it. But I felt that the handmade feel is not there. Nadja and Enan devote a lot of time hand sewing each notebooks and I felt the need to push myself more and to come up with a totally different sign.

I did more research and upon seeing this photo, I knew that I had to work around so that when you see the logo, you'll see the time and effort that Nadja and Enan devoted to make the notebooks. I was able to come up with the design below:

I incorporated the hands holding the needle to form "Alunsina" as if they were stitched together. I didn't want to perfect the lines because every handmade item is unique and each has its own perfect flaws. :) To amp up the excitement and happy feelings, Nadja will render the signage on wood, how cool is that?

It's always a nice feeling to know that someone appreciates your work :)

Love Always,