Life Lately

Hey folks!

How are you all doing?

Sorry for the lack of posts! (again) I've been reading The Happiness Project book lately and it helps me get things on the right track. A little info about me, I'm the kind who gets side tracked easily whenever I feel low. Ergo, to see better days ahead, I need to push myself more, a lot actually!

01232014 #TheHappinessProject by @hellogelibee

Sooo, in order to keep myself on track and to keep this blog updated, I will do my best to schedule posts on an MWF basis, here's the plan!

Good Vibes Mondays - Although I consider Sunday as the start of my week, I'll post inspirational artworks, write up, videos etc on Monday, sort of like Motivational Mondays, I chose Monday so I can start my work week with you with nothing but good vibes which I hope can last throughout the week! ;)

 Write it Wednesdays - For calligraphy projects and also for days when I ran out of words and I'll let my writing speak for itself. I can also post inspiring calligraphers or lettering artists :)

Fun Fridays  - A mix of everything FUN! From past travels and dream destinations, to what currently catches my interest and I hope it will entertain you too!

Here's to a hopeful me and a happier you!

Love Always,

Gelibee <3