Alunsina Handbound Books

During our feature for TV5's Good Morning Club handmade segment, I was privileged to meet Nadja and Enan, the makers behind Alunsina Handbound Notebooks. They were always at 10A Alabama, but I was just too shy to approach them. In between our talk, I remembered, the Alunsina notebook that my friend gave me last Christmas. Yes friends, I collect hoard notebooks too :P

It's not that I intend to keep them stocked on my storage and not use it forever, I was waiting for the time for me to know what would be its perfect use. The thing is, how can you waste the pages of such a lovely, meticulously handcrafted notebook?

Then it hit me, I haven't been updating my Calligraphy page, so I took out my trusty Hunt 99 nib, attached it to the holder, dipped it in Speedball Gold ink and prayed to Calligraphy gods that the ink wouldn't bleed. Then lo and behold, the ink gushed out beautifully and every stroke felt heavenly.
Eureka! I found its purpose! I'll be updating my Ink and Swirls page soon and my Alunsina notebook will be my sidekick for a new personal project.

Don't you just love the smell of leather and ink friendly notebooks?

Love Always,


Alunsina Handbound Books