Fun Friday: Free Wallpaper + 21 Day Habit

For today's Fun Friday, I would like to share my favorite source of free wallpaper!

I always look forward to Breanna Rose's fun and creative wallpapers to jazz up my desktop. She created a mix of everything, minimalist, floral, geometric and uplifting typography. This is my current wallpaper, gorgeous isn't it? :)

Visit her site to her lovely works and also, read on as she shares her two cents on freelancing, design, inspiration and random musings :)


I am also happy to share with you that I have completed my 21 day fitness project! I am incorporating more fruits and veggies in my plate and I am making healthier food choices. I am also allotting 30mins to an hour for exercise, be it goofy dancing, HIIT, or lifting weights. Hooray! I'm in this for the long run and I hope I get to share some tips with you soon ;)

How about you? What habit would you like to develop? 

Love always,