ABC Project with Ella

Last March, my friend Ella and I were hooked with lettering and calligraphy that we decided to have our own Lettering vs. Calligraphy project to help us "hone" our craft.

The project was supposed to last a month, but it took us 2 months to finish it because of unexpected work loads in between. Here are some of the works we made :)

Lesson learned from this mini-project:

1.) Calligraphy and lettering is hard work! It requires a whole lot of patience, dedication and endless hours of practice. This made me appreciate and idolize teacher Fozzy even more! After a month of no practice, I feel like i'm back to zero. But that won't stop me :)

2.) When in doubt, just create! Seeing Ella's works made me feel inferior at times because she is really amazing. But hey, worrying won't get you anywhere and you just have to believe in yourself and support your talented friends.

I hope you enjoyed viewing our works as much as we had fun creating it. And by the way, if you think Ella's artwork is what you're looking for, don't be afraid to send her a message via her blog :)

Keep on writing!

Love always,