Pinteresting! Herb Garden

I'm on a mission to make our home garden beautiful. I specifically want a garden with some vegetables, herbs and succulents. So I turn to Pinterest for gardening and DIY ideas :)

Having your own herb garden is very convenient, aside from having it organically grown, you can easily have your handful of mint or oregano when needed. I also read that herb gardens are very low maintenance and you can also grow it indoors.

Succulents on the other hand are also low maintenance plants. Yep, those are my thing. My friend told me that you should not water the succulents directly on the 'leaves' or else they'll rot. I also found out that in you can easily propagate them which you can read up here. Succulents can also be used for table or flower decoration and are now commonly used for bridal bouquets too. Aren't they pretty?

Here are some garden ideas which I also found on Pinterest:

Can't wait to start with the mission!

Love Always,