Instagram: May 2013

Hello again friends,

Wow! It's already the mid-year and I hope you are having the best time of your life. Well if not, then you better do something! :) Always remember, it will never happen unless you make a move.

Here are snippets of my May 2013 life in squares :)

1-3.) Random finds at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.  I love how everything is shabby chic and had very reasonable prices. Some, like the wooden boxes, are readily available at their supermarket! 
How cool is that? :)
4.) Awesome birthday gift from my friend, Ella, imagine all the carving possibilities!
 5-8.) Baking fever! I baked banana and calamansi muffins. Also tried frosting, wanted it to look like a rose. Oh well, try again next time :)
 9.) I found butterflies after the rain :)
10.) Practicing again while waiting for the dentist. I sincerely love the word "Hello" 
11.) Mail swaps! :) Mail from Veronica of Project Happy 
12.) Super delayed out going mails from me :)
13.) Cute cake tester I found at our friendly mall
14.) Hello again! This is a beautiful error and I'd like to keep it here :P
15-16.) Preparing for an online shop :) I am so excited to finally launch it.
 17-20.) Baking fever once again! Yummy cupcakes from Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. Baked Banana and Corn muffins and made cupcake tags for Candidly Pretty's DIY Wedding workshop
21.) Meet my lovely bestfriend, Germie :) She helped me made props for a pre-debut shoot my friend and I styled :)

So there you go! I hope I can bake and craft more soon. I also wish to have inky hands again, I haven't tried calligraphy again but the ABC calligraphy project with Ella is still ongoing :)

I wish you all a beautiful life!

Love Always,