Of Weddings and Blog feature

I attended a beautiful wedding of a good friend of mine last Saturday. I am at lost with words as I was filled with love and happiness all throughout the day.

The lovely couple, Jaja and Brian, was blessed with love. Love for one another, love from their family members, love from friends and love from God :)

I especially loved all the DIY stuff Jaja made for the wedding and I regret that I was not able to take photos of the table set up, map and all the other DIY beauties. Pop! was able to take part in that event too :)

Our travel themed pins was used as boutonnieres for their wedding :)

Jar of sweets :)

Registration table was covered with travel postcards, a beautiful luggage and wooden planks calligraphy :)

Wedding word hunt slash note cards for the couple. Cool idea!

Aside from celebrating a wedding, I was delighted when Koni informed me and Ella that our work was featured at Rebellious brides :)

Hope you had a beautiful weekend.

Love Always,