DIY: Washi Stickers

My 2nd DIY post! Yay :)

So I've been obsessing over washi tapes for quite a while now and I think I'll be making more DIYs involving the use of it.  My brain is filled with a lot of projects using those irresistibly cute tapes!

I'll show you a quick tutorial on how to make your own Washi Stickers. ♥

Since the tapes are somewhat transparent, some of the designs are not visible when you stick it on. So I thought of sticking them to sticker paper so that the designs will stand out more.


Washi tapes
Sticker paper

First of course is to choose your washi designs, you can mix and match them on a single sticker.

2.) Choose your design and make a stencil. I used a recycled white folder and kept my stencils in a box so that I can use it again.

 3.) Lay the stencil flat on the sticker paper and get ready to trace it. You might want to use a felt tip pen so that the line will be visible when you stick on your tapes.

4.) Trace your design and stick on your tapes. Mix and match them and after you have covered the area with washi tapes, cut your design and you now have your stickers :)


Love Always,

Gelibee ♥