Oh Hello Mailswap: Izzy, Someday Dream and Mystery

This week I received beautiful mail packages from friends all over the world and I am so delighted to share it with you :)

My boss in Vienna sent in a card that she designed herself announcing the birth of their lovely daughter, Izzy. I love the buntings and the cute little monsters.

I also received my care package from Hey Kessy's Mailswap exchange which I blogged about here. I am just so thrilled to open the package and was so happy to see tons of tapes!

My mailswap partner is Ritchelle of Dreaming on a Sunday Afternoon, I am so happy to have received this package all the way from Masbate. Thank you Ritchelle, I love everything :)

I also received a note that I have a package waiting to be claimed at the postal office. I am perplexed and I have no clue who sent the package, but whoever you are, thank you in advance! I know that the package is filed with awesome goodies!

Also, I am sooooo looking forward for the long weekend, I have a lot of catching up to do with crafts, home designing and preparing stuff for 10A Alabama :)

Let's all enjoy this well deserved long weekend!

Love always,