Oh Hello, Sweet September!

And goodbye, I had fun! ♥

I couldn't help but smile and be thankful for the wonderful September I had. So many blessings received and I do not have any right to complain for beautiful opportunities that came along my way.

Although I wasn't able to push through with plans made during early September, one instance was when I got locked in when I was supposed to be on a craft date, but hey, I managed to celebrate and enjoy the last Hoorah of September!

Highlights of the month were as follows:

1.) Maroon 5 Concert - Haha yes, this is on top of my list. I will forever love them and yes, Adam.

2.) Botan night - Discovered a new place in Makati which I would love to visit it again to add on my "to dine lonesome list" Another bonding session and snail mail exchange with Drea.

3.) Happy books - Be the Miracle and The Happiness Project - Its time to be in charge of my happiness.

4.) Oh Hello Workshop by Fozzy - Was schooled by one of the greatest Filipina Calligrapher. I am still in awe and so honored to know some of her tricks of the trade. It was also held at Briggy Hall which is an amazing place.

5.) Trade School class - Attended an enlightening workshop by Jen Horn of Nomad Manager. Despite heavy traffic and being late for almost an hour, it was worth the effort and anxiety attacks in between. I guess good things really do happen to those who patiently wait.

6.) Bloom Arts Festival - I really hope our government would fund Filipino artists. Such beauty seeing all those artworks in display and I dream to be a part of that event someday.

7.) Daily Calligraphy Project - I would really and whole heartedly love to commit to this project I started on my tumblr account. Motivate me please?

8.) Pop! - So many things to be thankful for and we are working very hard for this project. Have you joined our mini-promo? Please make sure you do! Our pins would love to visit your place too!

I hope you had a great September!

Let's fill October with lots of love and happy memories!

Love always,

Gelibee ♥