Shabby Chic and Red Velvet

I have always loved cooking but I am too shy to share my food to those out of my comfort zone. Call me greedy, but for me cooking is so intimate and I would love to share it with people who I know would appreciate my work and will tell me what I need to improve on. I have been pondering on making a business out of baking but I am always hesitant, having a lot of what ifs inside my head and what nots. But certain things really happen for a reason and you just let things unravel as you embark on another journey in life.

My friend, Koni, was to host a shabby chic themed party, she asked if I know anyone who baked and I said I do. At first, I was really really hesitant, referring several friends who can fulfill the order. However, she was determined to encourage me to make the party favors and that pushed me to say yes to her order.

The mission is to create cute red velvet cupcakes in a jar just like on the photo below, yes, that is a big challenge for me and I chose to accept it.

I think this project came just in the nick of time, I was really thinking of trying out red velvet cupcakes but I was really intimidated to try it. Even if there's a lof of stores offering red velvet cupcakes, cookies, bars etc, It remains a mystery to me.

So armed with my Yummy Magazine and my baking skills, I whisked the night away and spent hours trying to perfect the mission. After spending hours baking and filling up 20 jars of red velvety and cream cheese goodness, I was still worried if people would like it.

The next day, we were off to the Shabby Chic themed party and it immediately calmed me down to see all the Handmade goodness, my friend Koni of Candidly Pretty was able to make. Here's some photos from the event :)

Beautiful table set up by the caterer :)
Sweetness overload at the desert table.

One word to describe it: lovely.

And if you're wondering how the red velvet in a jar turned out, here's a photo of it. A bit sloppy but will definitely work on it. ;)

Red velvet in a jar :)
Concept by Candidly Pretty, Handwritten font by ThreeSixtyFivePointFour
and Baked by Gelibee :)

P.S. All photos by Gelibee :)

It's really nice when someone believes in your talent.

Have a lovely day.

Love Always,