Happy Inspirations on Instagram

Thank God it's Friday! *dances*

I am excited for the coming weekend as I'll be catching up with friends and with craft making too. More than that, I am excited to share a batch of Happy Inspirations again on Instagram. (Yes, I am an Instagram addict and I love it)

Okay here's a bit of explanation why I love IG. First, I get to share snippets of my life through photos. Second, I get to meet new people who has the same interest as mine. Third, I get to share IG accounts of people who bring happy inspirations to my life.

So then I thought, why not make a weekly post sharing accounts that shares beautiful works from IG accounts all over the world? And so I did :)

Below are the first three Happy Inspirations I posted on my account:

#happyinspirations no. 1 from @thefozzybook @heykessy @happyaugust @mudbynest

#happyinspirations no. 2 @amerrymishap @misspaperie @5ftinf @alicenorin

#happyinspirations no. 3 @mizutamahanco @chidchanet @hinape @everydaypolkadot

Hope you like them! Please follow #happyinspirations on IG for your weekly dose of Happy ♥

Have a lovely weekend ahead!

Love always,

Gelibee ♥