KATHA Magazine Issue01: New Beginnings

Sorry for being semi-MIA for the past month because we, Allie, Aya, Andrea and Cachi, have been very busy making one of our dreams come true. Celebrate with us as we spend our first of September by launching Katha Magazine! <3

Katha is a Filipino word which means to create or imagine, thus, when you read our e-zine, we would like you to reimagine creativity with us. I know each of us likes to daydream a lot and we want you to entertain those thoughts and one day, you'll end up making them come true!

I couldn't contain my excitement when Allie showed us the final layout, I was smiling while browsing the magazine the whole time. If giving birth to a baby feels like this, well, this is probably one of the best feeling in the world :)

Go ahead and check out our first issue here! It's absolutely FREE and downloadable, that's how much we love you guys!

And if you have comments, suggestions and or violent reactions, please send us a hello at kathamagazine.ph@gmail.com. We would also love it if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Love love love,