Stationery Swap by Life After Breakfast

Last August 10, I attended a Stationery Swap hosted by Alessa of Life After Breakfast.  Upon reading the words "stationery swap" childhood memories of hoarding cute stationery packs and trading stickers came to mind.

The whole event was F-U-N! We were a huge group, 37 participants to be exact, but sadly two couldn't make it. We were divided into groups and each of us took turns to give a brief introduction and to sort of show off our stationery. I must admit, I'm not that proud of my work because I crammed again. Heh :3 My original idea was totally different from the one I made but I was happy with it.

My stationery was an UP inspired card, I stitched the 'Hello' and balloon strings. The balloons were made of felt and then I attached it to a paper which I thought was sturdy enough. Here's a photo of the card together with the customized pins we made for Pop!

Aside from the amazing handmade stationeries we took home, Alessa also gave us a bag with her sticker set plus a Tattly tattoo which I'm reserving for a very special occasion. Perhaps the second Stationery swap? (I shall be competitive! Haha)
 Some of the artworks are happily washified on my wall. You can read more about the swap here.
I also met some fellow calligraphy students from Fozzy's class, coincidentally, they were my groupmates! Fozzy was there too so here's a mandatory fan girl picture grabbed from Imma's blog :p

If you'd like to try calligraphy, join Imma's class wittingly called "Yeah Write"! She's kind, amazing and an awesome calligrapher! ;)

See you at the next crafternoons!

Love Always,