Calligraphy: How I fell in love with all the swirls and flourishes

I have a fear of writing. I feel like people will judge me or throw rocks at me whenever I write anything bad or horrid. Thus, this blog was created to help me overcome it.
More than my fear of writing, I have a fear of showing my ugly handwriting. I am always jealous of the people around me who can write so damn well. I wonder what hands they received when God created them? While looking around the world wide web searching for great typography, I always marvel at those swirly and elegant handwriting that screams beautiful.

Hand Lettering by Lisa Cogdon

Flourished Poetry by Fozzy Castro-Dayrit

I then shared a photo on Instagram with a caption: Determined to learn.

So I bought Artline calligraphy pens and sketchpads and started writing. I did not know what calligraphy nibs and inks are for so I borrowed from a friend and asked her to buy me the cheapest set which I can practice on. I Googled beautiful quotes and tried to copy some. I write late at night when I come home from work. I would sleep happy and wake up happy seeing what I've written.

Imagine my delight when Alessa of Life after breakfast announced a Free Calligraphy crafternoon last July which I blogged here. I looked forward to that day, however, my body did not cooperate (perhaps due to excitement?) I was happy with the people I was with and was so giddy when The Fozzy of The Fozzy Book shared a table with us, she is such an inspiration for me :)

Here are some photos form the Calligraphy Crafternoon :)

I am still learning this wonderful art and I really find it very relaxing. I never imagined myself exposing my writing for the universe to see, but what the heck, what good is a craft or art if you are not willing to share your work? ;) I am addicted to the swirls and the movement the nib makes when you start writing. I love getting my hands dirty and waiting for the ink to dry. I love seeing a smile on my mom's face once I get to do my "show off your art work" time with mama.

Below are some of my trying hard calligraphy ;)

I really like to join Fozzy's calligraphy workshop, hope I can get a slot this time! :)

How about you, what craft have you started to learn lately?

Love always,

Gelibee ♥