Good things still happen to those who patiently wait

P.S. This is a personal post, I was supposed to write a different story. But! sorry! I could not not blog about this ;)

I've been an Instagram addict for quite a while, this is why I was hesitant to buy an iPhone or any phone that can download the app because I know I'll get hooked. Luckily, my ever so loving mom gave me an iTouch during one of her trips abroad. I didn't download the app immediately, took me weeks to download it but when I finally did, the madness began. But hey, I tried to avoid over sharing and deleted some posts so its all good. [Let's be friends! haha shamless act of self promotion]

Anyway, to cut the story short, I followed lovely online friends through IG, but to actually meet them in person is such an sweet icing to a scrumptious red velvet cupcake ;)

I met up with Drea and had a chat with her while we blazed through the busy streets of Makati. We walked and walked to meet up with Allie at the Collective. We ate and talked about a lot of things as if we have been friends for such a long time. It's kinda close to the feeling of being at home, no pretensions, just you wearing your most comfortable and real self.

We met and stayed at Wabi Sabi and had an impromptu "craft night" where we talked about life, craft plans and supplies, calligraphy and even had an instant design your own Onigiri c/o the birthday girl, Nikka who we also met then and there. Talked more and met new friends.

To write everything in detail will not suffice to describe how awesome the night was.

More icing on the cake! We had a Mail Swap thing, which we did not send via post. Thus, the instant meet up. Here are my goodies which I love love love! Thanks, Drea <3 Send me a hello at [] if you want to swap goodies ;)

Goodies! I love the book with all the stuff left inside, you call it ephemera, I think? Not included in the photo, flags which my nephews made into buntings. New found teas which smells and tastes so good! Encanta stickers - really nice and very mermaidy~ which you can I think purchase at [I am a happy bee :)]

Dear Universe,

Thank you for your awesome surprises, I never imagined that I would meet awesome friends through the world wide web. I should trust you more, love and live more carefree ;)

How about you, what amazing moment/s did you experience lately? Care to share your thoughts?

Whatever it is, do what makes you happy :)

Love Always,

Gelibee <3