My Love Affair with Bottlecaps

Tried thinking of a witty phrase to start this entry but all I can think of is I am thankful for my friend-slash-zizter, Ella for involving me with the Pop idea! :)

It all started when she wore an interesting bottle cap pin to work and I asked her where she bought it, being a DIY and crafty person she is, she said that she made it. I was thrilled and told her that she can sell those as it looks really cool. She said that she started making the pins while she was still in high school, around 6 years ago, and the pins are still in tip top shape. She taught me how to make one and I had tons of fun making them!

During that time, we are having an event at the office and we had this crazy idea of selling some of the bottle crown pins. Luckily enough, we received a positive feedback from our friends and those who came to the event. That boosted our confidence more and we went on from one bazaar to the next. You can find about our trip at our pages, we named our series Travelling Pop, Maybe its a connotation on our end that Pop will go places ;)

I will never look at a bottle crown pin the same way again, from creating a beautiful pin, magnet and even covering them up with fabric, the possibilities are endless. And I will be forever thankful to Ella for everything! Haha cheesy :)

I hope you like Pop as much as we do!

Have a Pop-pin' day ahead of you! 

Love Always,

Gelibee ♥

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