Katha Magazine as The One

Ever since we started Katha magazine, I am very vocal about my dreams of us being nominated in any of the categories in Globe Tattoo awards. Whenever we have our brainstorming over at Viber, Facebook or in person, I'd always tell the team, Tatt awards dream! or Para sa Tattawards! and we'll all burst in laughter. 

Little did I know that that dream will eventually come true. Imagine my happiness when I learned from Drea that we have a chance of becoming the finalist for Globe Tattoo awards, and what made the universe even more awesome is that it actually made that dream come true!

I still can't believe that WE are nominated for The One category. It feels surreal. Then I realize that it really goes to show that when you do what you love, the universe will conspire to help you achieve it.

And now, on to the happy part! May I please ask a little of your time to vote for our passion project. You can use both your Facebook AND Twitter accounts to vote for us, (every hour if you can hehe) simply visit the Globe Tattoo Awards page and go to The One category. Or just visit this link and vote away! Voting ends on August 3, 2014,  12mn :)

What's in it for you, you may ask. Well nothing, nothing but sheer gratitude from us and more reasons for us to continue with our passion project. We hope you'll support us all the way. Win or lose, we still feel like a winner because of the support you've given us since we started. :)

Thank you for believing in our dreams.

Much love,

Gelibee / Geli Balcruz :)