Caridad: The Charity Bear

I recently collaborated with LUNA Store Manila to design a postcard that serves a 'certificate card' if you adopt Caridad: The Charity Bear :)

LUNA Store Manila is an advocacy shop owned by Couline Gloria who's out to make the world a better place by helping out those in need through social enterprise. To know more about her advocacy, head on to her site.

It's all about giving back. Thank you @lunastoremnl for Caridad, Bruno and Melody :) Why shop at @lunastoremnl? Because every purchase you make help someone's light shine brighter :) Always choose to be a blessing to those in need :) #advocacyshop #shopforacause #charitybear by @gelibalcruz

I got myself my Caridad, Bruno bag and a Ukulele! :) Learning a new instrument is in my bucket list so yay for ticking out an item aaand helping those in need :)

Here's the post card I designed for LUNA! Plus Couline's heartwarming message ;)

Maraming maraming salamat @gelibalcruz sa pagsuporta sa Caridad. Napakaganda ng nga post card :) SA MGA BAIS MAGORDER NG CARIDAD MAY KASAMA ITONG POSTCARDS GAWA NG NAG-IISANG GELI BALCRUZ! by @lunastoremnl

Let's do our part to help out :)