Type Kita Exhibit

Type Kita: The first ever typography exhibit was held last March 15-16, 2014 at 10A Alabama. It was organized by Maan Agsalud together with her ever supportive family

I was privileged to be part of the event. Not as an artist, (we'll get there someday, I hope) but as a concessionaire. At first I was apprehensive to share my "works" but when Maan approached me and Ella, we couldn't dare say no. We consider Popjunklove sisters our family!

Here's our mini space at 10A Alabama with our oh so perfect card catalog cabinet! :)

To calm our ADHD tendencies, Ella and I designed juice and coffee cups! Which we enjoyed the most, it probably had something to do with the smell of ink. Haha! :D

Cute story by Cat, she told me that her nephew loved the type cups so much that he didn't want to throw it away! He colored the cups, made it his own and he slept hugging the cup! <3 

And here's some of the type cups I found on instagram, the powers of hashtag!
Denver Garza's life! His art bag! :)

My favorite piece from the exhibit, "Love to Skate" by Cookie Quevedo. Hand carved longboard made out of solid wood and it's fully functional. Just wow!

It was the perfect weekend for all type lovers! All the Filipino type masters were there and I was lucky enough to tame my fan girl side a little. Even if you're not really into the typography, the exhibit will not intimidate you, it will make you wonder and you'll want to learn the craft! You might just fall in love with it. <3

And as for me, I went home with a happy heart! I get to spend the weekend with familiar faces, met new friends, learned new lessons and fell even more in love with the craft.

I'm pretty sure there will be a part two, so stay tuned guys and girls! :)

Happy inky hands!