Prints by Dots

The kid in me loves everything rainbow colored! I really don't have a favorite color because I have this feeling that it would be unfair for the other colors haha. After all, some colors won't be created if you don't mix one or the other. So there, having justified my lack of favorite color haha, when I saw Dots' works, I knew I have to have her artwork on my wall. 

Dots is a good friend of mine but I didn't know that she can paint so well! It took me a while to decide on what I wanted her to paint, so when I saw her dog painting series, I immediately thought of our dear Maggie :)

And the package finally arrived! And when I opened it, I really felt that I was looking at Maggie and I can feel her happiness in the painting. You can really feel the love and effort made to finish the piece :)

Here's a closer look at Dots' awesome artwork, can you feel Maggie's happiness? :)

And here's our photowall :) 

I hope this post made you smile today!

Love Always,