Hello, 2014!

In a nutshell, 2013 was an eye opener for everyone, from disasters to beautiful life lessons, we all realized that everyone is capable of lending a helping hand to those in need. It's so overwhelming to know that everyone in the world is willing to help because they know that the love they give will reciprocate and eventually multiply. Cheers to good vibes!!

As for me, I learned my lessons and I am moving on to a beautiful 2014. From new and reunited friends, to spreading the love for great design via Katha magazine and having the chance to be on TV(!). I'm also thankful to meet new friends because of of the arts and crafts movement and thankful to receive humbling notes that I became a tool to try out new things such as calligraphy, I would like to Thank YOU for making my 2013 a beautiful one! 

This year, I just want to live the moment and participate more in life. I also plan to share more of my previous and recent travels with you and expect a lot of calligraphy too! :)

So once again, Thank you for the roller coaster ride, 2013! We're moving on with lessons learned and we're excited to experience an awesome 2014!