Event: Rainbow Cake in a Jar

Last October 13, 2013, I had an opportunity to work with Bonnie of The Party Makers for a very special 7th birthday held at One Rockwell. I was asked to make rainbow cakes in a jar, ack! Panic kicked in and I was doubting myself if I can make it. But hey, you'll never know unless you give it a try, right?

I was able to make cakes in a jar before for a birthday and also for Bonnie's wedding. But rainbow cakes, wow, that surely is a different thing. While I was making the cakes, I said to myself 'dati sa Pinterest ko lang to nakikita, ngayon ginagawa ko na' :)
 After countless experimentation, taste testing and harsh comments from my number one critic, my mom, tadaaaa! Here are my rainbow cakes in a jar complete with wooden spoon and bakers twine from my favorite seller, Mansy of Hey Kessy :)
The cakes were a part of The Party Makers' Candy Shoppe - candy buffet. Aahhh to be young and to eat almost anything you want without worrying about the extra pound you'll gain afterwards :p

The event was well planned and executed, my mom was impressed on how things turn out. The Party Makers really know how to make a great party!

The lovely photos are from Rio Jones Photography :)

Have a beautiful day!