DIY: Bunting Cardboard Dividers

DIY Time!

Oh hello, it's been a while since my last DIY post and I'm excited to share with you a simple DIY / Upcycling post using cardboard box dividers. For non-hoarders, they easily throw this away but for hoarders like me, I kept it because I know I can make use of it someday. Heh :)

On with the tutorial! You will need the following items:

First, decide on what to write or draw on your cardboard, I chose "Welcome to the Zoo" because it was a gift for a friend's room. Using your acrylic paint and brush, carefully write down the words on the cardboard.

Second, cut down the cardboard following the spaces / gaps already provided :)

After cutting, you will come up with something like this:

Third, use your one hole puncher to punch on the top most sides of your cardboard and then, string on!

Viola! Upcycled bunting using cardboard dividers.

Now the next time you want to throw something, think of ways to re-use it. Together we craft on and make the world a better place ;)

Love Always,