It's time to love

I am not a resolutions and promises person. I do love to write my dreams and goals on pen and paper but I am not that confident yet to share it with anyone, the rest of the world in this case.

But this year, I just vow myself one thing, and that is, to love myself even more and just believe that everything else will fall into place. Sometimes, I get so exhausted in helping out that I forget to help myself too. Thus, the lack of joy and energy kicks in sometimes. Sounds emo? Yes, maybe, but you cannot give what you don't have right?

Aside from vowing to love myself more and do more with my life, I will make more use of my photographs and probably make more "digital art" like the one above. Plus it gives me an excuse to take more photos or probably have gazillion rolls developed. What do you think? Should I continue it? ;)

Whatever you do, do it with love :)

Love Always,