Surprisingly, I was nominated by my good friend Drea of Mabuhay DIY for the Liebster awards. The Liebster awards which is sort of a chain letter post is nominated to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.


Share 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the awarder's 11 questions.
Ask 11 of your own.
Nominate 11 bloggers.

Since I'm a slacker but I love my friends, I will only do number 1 and 2 :p


11.) I was able to draft an initial 11 facts about me file days ago but somehow, I seemed to have not saved the file as it magically disappeared on my desktop when I was about to copy paste the answer on this post. 

10.) With a new number 11 on my list, I have come to believe that Borrowers exist and they have gone online. (Back up your files, friends!)

9.) When I was young, I dreamt of becoming a sales lady just so I can fix things neatly on the rack. Yes, I am OC like that.

8.) In relation to being OC, I have created several accounts online just because I don't like the lay out or the title or the design or the color. 

7.) When I was a kid, my dad took us to Baguio and told us that we would pass by a big lion and we have to take pictures and kiss the lion. When I heard all about it, I pretended to be asleep all throughout the trip. FYI, the lion is just a statue, but who would want to kiss a lion statue?

6.) Also when I was a kid, around 5 I think, I wanted to run away from home because my sister and I had a fight. I remembered bringing with me a bag filled with 1 bottle of yakult, a stuffed toy, a sando and underwear. I remembered walking out of the house crying outside the gate and I thought it was "far enough" :p

5.) My favorite place so far is on top of the hill at Calaruega. I can just lay down the grass and watch the clouds move.

Calaruega in film 2009

4.) My favorite activity is people watching. I love the fact that I can just stand still and watch life move around me.

3.) When traveling, I collect almost all paper stuff I can possible keep. Maps, tickets from tours, tags from products bought and even water bottle labels. 

2.) During the time I didn't have my own room, I would stuff everything in my cabinet. When I finally had the space, mom and I was surprised on the amount of stuff I had. (Yes I'm a hoarder and I like it.)

1.) I love surprising my friends and when its their turn to surprise me, they find it hard because 1.) I do not have a favorite color, 2.) I do not have a favorite cartoon character 3.) Its hard for me to have a favorite something. I feel like I'm being unfair to the other options haha.

Additional fact:  My dream skill is to be able to ride a bike so that I can buy a pretty bike from Hocus and it has to have a dainty basket in front.


1. Most inspiring place in the metro?
  • Anywhere away from the noise, a lovely bookstore or coffee place would be the best place for me. Or anywhere among the company of dreamers and doers.

2. Who is your favorite local artist and why?
  • Ramon Orlina - I think I'm a magpie because I'm attracted to shiny things but his glass creations have a sense of fluidity that only a master can create.
3. Who is your favorite foreign artist and why?
  • Artists such as Andy Warhol and Banksy always disturbs your mind and for me, that is one trademark of a great artist.
  • Lisa Congdon - I just love love love her craft and her love for beautiful typography and illustrations shows in her works.
  • Dana Tanamachi - Her chalkboard typography is absolutely A-MA-ZIIIIING! If you don't believe me, then her works will make you a believer. 

4. Dream craft skill
  • To be able to make straight lines with a ruler and to be able to cut straight stuff properly. Seriously, I would like to draw and illustrate. My mind can imagine things but I cant put it into action as I get frustrated when the drawing does not turn out the way I want it to be.

5. Your craft goal this year
  • Make use of what I have and stretch my imagination. No more hoarding (I wish)
6. Type of music you listen to while crafting
  • The sound of silence. I love to be at peace when I work, my senses are more in tune with what I'm doing which makes me concentrate. But, again, since I don't play favorites, I put on VSQ, Jinja Safari and random songs on full blast.
7. Favorite movie and book?
  • Titanic is still my favorite movie. Why? Because its beautifully done and its the last memory I have watching movie with my father.
  • Right now, Austin Kleon's Steal Like An Artist tops my list.

8. Favorite childhood activity related to arts/crafts?
  • So many that I can think of! But when I was a kid, I love drawing girls with U-Shaped faces and hidden arms and I love to dress them up by drawing huge flowers on their dresses. 
  • I also love dipping a string into watercolor and then you fold the paper and pull the string so it makes abstract looking flowers. 
  • I also love to punch circles using mom's big puncher and would use them as a confetti. Afterwards, my mom is not happy with the crafty mess I made :P

9. Who are your craft idols? (link to their blogs too if you can!)

  • My first craft idol on the world wide web is Jessica of How About Orange. I love the simplicity of her blog and I love that its always updated.
  • Danni from Oh Hello Friend, I'm a sucker for vintage finds and well written posts and her blog always seems inviting.
  •  Lauren Elise of Lauren Elise Crafted - I love blogs that have beautiful photos and hers is the one I adore the most. 
  • Ez of Creature Comforts - Again, I love and adore her works and her photos and I dream that one day, I'll be able to take photos as beautiful as those. 

10. Favorite craft store locally
  • On top of my list is Wellmanson, although its more of an accessories store, you have to watch for cute rubber stamps, notebooks and tapes that are almost half the price.
  • Deovir, you can find almost all your crafting needs here, I used to go to Joli's when I was in college and it was my comfort zone. To be around with supplies, craft materials and art students is my dream come true everytime I visit that store.
  • Lasting Impressions is a store to die for! Get your wallets ready as they have almost every craft material you need!
  • Divisoria is your one stop shop for all your craft and non craft needs.

11. Describe your “craft area” at home, and share a photo if you like.
  • My craft area at home is messy haha. I use the floor as my chair and my bed as my table. I do have a "play area" where there is an actual chair and table, but I mostly use it to store all my materials, the furnitures are all white and the stuff inside livens up the room.

There, I hope you had fun!

Love always,