Of Love Letters and Mailswap

One lazy afternoon, I decided to reread old letters from friends.

Every letter made me smile and it was an instant trip down memory lane. The good thing about handwritten letters is that you can easily reach that box and go through the letters. With emails and wall posts, you will need your pc, a smart phone, an internet connection and all the yadda yadda. You can print them out, but nothing beats the hard work, time and effort of choosing the papers, ink and writing their thoughts. Some even took the time to draw or make origami bookmarks for you :)


I also joined April's Handmade Postcard swap and these are the cards I sent out, I decided to make it a bit girly. I used doilies, washi tape and stickers from Hey Kessy

I was also fortunate enough to receive postcards and goodies all over the world :)

This one is from Ella during her trip to Malaysia. I love love looove the wooden postcard :)

This one is from the talented Sya aka nekoscrapper I adore absolutely everything! :)

Last but not the least, this is from Czar of Nifety Niceties. I love the airmail theme :)

I hope everyone will take time to write more handwritten letters. We will surely paint a smile to the receiver and also help the postal community :)

Write me a letter, will you?

Love Always,

Gelibee :)