Happy Inspirations: Inspiration is out there

Whenever I feel out of sync, I stalk people on Instagram, my keywords will always include arts and crafts, diy, illustration, calligraphy and typography. I am always reminded that inspiration is out there, one just have to seek and work hard for it.

So without further adieu, here's the second installment for the Happy Inspirations series:

@aomnoii, @boysandgirls, @chibimo and @rollingacorn

@thelovelyletters @brittnimehhlholf @googlygooeys @elegantafternoon

@kapiz, @calligraphuck, @joluvian and @leighpod

If you noticed, I included their usernames on the screencap too, that way, people can still follow them even if my post was screencaped! (Yey for the paranoid me!)

I am so happy to receive likes and comments from people all over the world. It makes this world a much warmer place to live in.

See you in IG!

Love Always,