And I'm baaaaack!! Yaaay!!

What better way to start my mini come back by sharing with you something I really look forward to. I already shared it on my instagram account and I'm sharing more about it here!

Time check, do you know that we only have 2 months left 'til we say hello to a brand new year? Crazy, right?

2014 has nothing been great to me and I'd love to welcome 2015 with nothing but good vibes! If you're like me who loves to doodle and scribble your thoughts away, then why not get yourself a FILED planner? It's the perfect planner to get your creativity flowing.

Tadaaaa! Doodle and Scribble planners for you!
You can choose between the Scribble and Doodle planner which are both made by awesome artists. Let's take a peak inside to better help you with your decision making :)

The 2015 Doodle Planner will make sure that you achieve a lively new year filled with so much productivity to do everything possible!  Pre-order now until October 27 and get a free Pen Slinger of your color choice + a doodle customization of your name by Lei Melendres 

The 2015 Scribble Planner will make sure that you achieve a empowering new year filled with so much positivity to do everything possible! It also come with a free Stylomark + a scribble customization of your name by Katia Naval of The Design Hobbyist if you pre-order until Oct 27, 2014.  I got this for myself! I'm so kilig when Katia told me that she wrote my name already <3

And by the way, if you're free on November 8, 2014, join the FILED Familia for a fun journey to Wanderland! Limited slots only! Register here

Let's doodle and scribble our way to an awesome 2015 ahead! 

Good Vibes,

Geli :)