Join us for a fun filled day this Sunday as MUNI and The Grove by Rockwell brings you MUNI Market Day! 

MUNI Market Day aims to educate consumers on ways to shop, eat, and live more mindfully, and give them an opportunity to get to know the makers and the stories behind local and/or eco-friendlier products through a 1-day fair integrating learnings workshops, and stirring conversations on some mindful lifestyle topics like conscious consumption, healthy eating, personal wellness, culture & craft traditions, green practices, and so on.

Katha Magazine's workshop starts at 10:00 am!  
We'll be holding an Upcycled Crafting workshop! Weee! 

Healthy Food Forum / Session at 2:00pm and Cause-driven Business Forum / Session at 5:00pm 

Learn more about the event here: http://buff.ly/1htAsSr

RSVP at http://buff.ly/1htAsSw

See you there! :)