F#%k Art Let's Garden Exhibit

Last March 8, after meeting with the KATHA team, Drea and I went on a fun adventure! 

Since we're already at Kapitolyo area, we decided to visit Heima Brixton, it was both our first time to go there and everything was all sorts of lovely! Check out Drea's post to view more photos. Afterwards, we tried Edgy Vedgy and scored fresh greens just beside the building with a yoga studio. Then we headed to Cubao Expo to view Femi and Karen's F#%k Art Let's Garden Exhibit.

Wooden Canvas @ Cubao Expo
My favorite piece, dish garden inspired by Salvador Dali
Dish Garden inspired by Andy Warhol

I love this Nick Joaquin inspired dish garden!

Drea, Me and Femi. Spot the amazing Van Gogh inspired dish garden.

Femi and Karen, the masterminds behind F#%k Art Let's Garden.
All photos taken from Femi's account because my phone camera sucked but the event was awesome! :)

I took home two hanging succulents which are now happily chilling at our sala ;)

Love always,