PixaRoll Magnets! Gasp!

PixaRoll prints are here again! Hooray!! :)

I really love that they still send your mail with handwritten addresses. Lola vibes. :p

This time, I decided to try out their magnets and printed out the chalk writings I made on our garden which was done out of boredom and lack of creative input / release heh.
The magnets came in sheets and it was fun to tear the magnets individually. I had left over white magnet bars which I'll washify and copy Drea's idea hehe.

Tadaaa!! I know have inspirational magnets that I can use for instant pick me ups when I'm feeling down or if I need that extra push to get things done.

Also, just found out that they are having a sale for PH customers, hooray! Just click on this link to know more details and enjoythe 20% discount!

Love Always,