Oh Hello Mailswap: February

I'm totally hooked on this mail swap thing. I love how each package is different and how each package is handcrafted with love and care. So without further adieu, here's the lovely packages I received from my mailswap partners.

Goodies from Allie of The Four-Eyed Wonder
I loved the vintage cross stitch patterns! :)

Goodies from Airees of Airees Creates
She had a cool idea of punching out used mail envelopes from the banks / bills.
Didn't notice they had pretty patterns! :)

Goodies from Richelle of Weekends in the City
I love the calligraphy note cards, stickers and that intricate rubber leaf stamp.

Goodies from Maream of Bored and Crafty.
Not included in the picture: tons of cards and the bag charm.
I love the piano pouch! I even ordered the bags for me and my nephew :)

Maream was kind enough to write bout about our craft mail exchange on her blog. Message me if you want to have a mail swap :)

Keep on creating!

Love Always,